Roof Cleaning Company in Kansas City

Roof Cleaning Company in Kansas City


If your home needs a thorough roof cleaning, don’t settle for one of those inexperienced roof power washing companies. Instead, contact our experts at Royal Roofscapes to schedule a roof soft wash in Kansas City. We are a reliable roof soft wash company with the knowledge and expertise to help make your roof sparkle. With over 30 years of combined experience in the roofing industry, our team knows just how beneficial a roof soft wash can be to your home, business, or any other structure. Our roofing knowledge and hands-on experience will help give your roof that extra shine it’s been missing.


Why Power Washing Your Roof in Kansas City is a Poor Decision

Causes Damage to Granules

  • Inexperienced shingle roof cleaning companies in Kansas City often don’t realize the amount of damage they can do to a roof. By using too much pressure, the water can actually loosen the granules on the shingles, which makes them less effective. When the granules are removed, the shingles tend to break down faster and can result in leaks or other issues.

Blown Off Shingles

  • When there is too much pressure, shingles can actually be dislodged from the roof. Roof power washing companies in Kansas City use high pressure, and if the pressure is not monitored closely, it can result in damaged shingles that need to be repaired or replaced.

Tiles Can Become Less Effective

  • Tile roof cleaning companies must be careful if they use power washing. Too much pressure can make tiles very brittle or thin. Once tiles become weak, they are not as effective and can lead to other roofing issues.


What are the Advantages of Hiring a Roof Soft Wash Company in Kansas City?

Roof Cleaning Companies in Kansas City

Less Risk Compared to Power Washing

A roof soft wash is the safest and most non-abrasive way to get a premium roof cleaning in Kansas City. Using low pressure and proven cleaning methods, we’ll give your roof a long-lasting clean.

Removes Harmful Growth on Your Roof

Over time, your roof may acquire items like fungus, mold, or bacteria. Many roof cleaning companies use pressure washing to try to remove these items, but a roof soft wash is the most effective and safest cleaning method.

Kills All Growth

Inexperienced roof cleaning companies in Kansas City may be able to remove mold, fungus, and bacteria, but are unable to prevent regrowth in the future. A roof soft wash removes and kills these items so that they do not return to your roof again.

What do Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services Include?

  • Air-blow loose debris from the roof
  • Thoroughly clean all downspouts and gutters to prevent clogs
  • Apply a high-quality cleaning agent to the roof
  • Remove any growth such as moss, mold, bacteria, or mildew
  • Double-check all gutters and downspouts and clean them again if needed
  • Pick up and remove all debris that fell from the roof during the cleaning process

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