If you noticed your roof is looking dingy lately and could use a thorough cleaning, there are a few different cleaning options to choose from. Two of the most popular roof cleaning methods are to get a roof soft wash in Kansas City or schedule a roof cleaning with one of the many roof power washing companies in Kansas City.

At Royal Roofscapes, we specialize in the first option, a roof soft wash. In fact, many consider us the top roof soft wash company in Kansas City. There are a few differences between these two roof cleaning techniques, so let’s review the benefits of choosing a soft wash over a power wash.

What is a Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City?

A soft wash is one of the most highly recommended cleaning options for nearly any type of roofing material. This safe and nonabrasive cleaning method will effectively remove fungus and bacteria that have built up on the surface. Not only does soft washing remove fungus and bacteria, but this proven technique completely kills it and prevents regrowth.

If harmful microbes are not removed quickly, they can eat away at your roof, shingles, and other materials on your structure. Your roof will slowly decompose, and the damages can be extensive. If your home, business, garage, shed, utility building or any other structure is due for a roof cleaning, schedule a soft wash with Royal Roofscapes today.

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

What You Should Know About Roof Power Washing in Kansas City

Many people are familiar with power washing (also known as high-pressure washing) when cleaning sidewalks, driveways, heavy machinery, and automobiles. This method is also used to clean roofs, but here at Royal Roofscapes, we do not recommend power washing for your roof.

Too much water pressure can put the integrity of your roof in jeopardy. Some of the most common issues with power washing a roof include loose granules on the shingles, blown-off shingles, or thin/brittle tiles. Although power washing is an effective cleaning method for other items, it is not the ideal choice for cleaning roofs.

What Other Services are Included with a Soft Wash?

When you schedule a soft wash with Royal Roofscapes, you’ll notice incredible results on your roof. Including the soft wash, you’ll receive other premium services to guarantee a thorough roof cleaning in Kansas City. These include:

  • Air-blow loose debris and remove it from the roof
  • Clean downspouts and gutters
  • Wash away all moss from the roof’s surface
  • Cleaning agent applied to the roof
  • Double-check downspouts and gutters
  • Pick up all other fallen debris

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

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At Royal Roofscapes, we leave no stone unturned when cleaning your roof. Our team of experts takes great pride in making sure your roof looks noticeably cleaner than it did before we arrived on the job. Schedule an appointment today and get the full experience of a roof soft wash in Kansas City.

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