If your roof looks faded, it may not be because the materials have become discolored; the roof may just need to be cleaned. Roofs can acquire dirt, grime, moss, and other unpleasant items that make it look less appealing.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to get your roof looking new again; a roof soft wash in Kansas City. A clean roof can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and prevent future issues. You may be tempted to hire a power washing company to clean your roof, but here at Royal Roofscapes, we know that a roof soft wash is the safest and most effective form of roof cleaning in Kansas City. This article will explain why.

Why Hire a Roof Soft Wash Company in Kansas City?

Roof soft wash companies specialize in thoroughly cleaning roofs by using a low-pressure washing technique. This proven cleaning method effectively removes organic stains, algae, and mildew. Soft washing uses a mixture of different products to clean the roof’s surface. Common cleaning products include algaecides, bleach, surfactants, and water.

Why is Soft Washing Recommended Instead of Power Washing?

Power washing or pressure washing uses much stronger water flow than soft washing, which can potentially cause damage to the roof’s surface. Also, when water is under significant pressure, it becomes hot. This combination of pressure and heat is not ideal for any type of roof.

Soft washing is a gentler – but still effective – cleaning option. There is far less water pressure during a soft wash, which means that asphalt, composite, metal, or tile roofs are not at risk of being damaged while being cleaned.

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

When is the Best Time to Get a Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City?

If there are areas on your roof that are very difficult to clean and have compiled lots of dirt and grime, call Royal Roofscapes today. As a premier roof soft wash company in Kansas City, our team knows that a high-pressure wash could make the problem worse. A soft wash will provide a deep clean for those difficult crevices found on any roof. No matter the roofing materials, a soft wash will get the job done.

How Does a Soft Wash Prevent Future Roofing Issues?

One of the most common issues you’ll find on any roof is the growth of algae, which can be prevented with a soft wash. If algae is detected on the roof, many roof cleaning companies in Kansas City will apply a low-pressure bleach or detergent to the affected area. A soft wash will eliminate all bacterial growth, dirt, and grime, without any risk of damage to the roofing materials.

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

If you want to preserve the life of your roof, Royals Roofscapes is here to help. We know that your roof is an essential piece of your home, and we want to help protect your investment. As one of the top shingle roof cleaning companies in Kansas City, we take great pride in our service and work. You’ll be thrilled with the results after your roof soft wash in Kansas City; we guarantee it.

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