We all want our home’s roof to look its very best, all year round. It would be great to have the time and budget to schedule a weekly roof soft wash in Kansas City, but that isn’t very realistic for most homeowners. A roof soft wash isn’t exactly something you do as often as washing the dishes or your car. It is typically done whenever excess dirt has accumulated on your roof. That’s when it’s time to call Royal Roofscapes, a leading roof soft wash company in Kansas City.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some factors that might cause you to schedule a roof soft wash sooner than later. As one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Kansas City, here’s some helpful tips on when to put your next roof soft wash on the calendar.

Schedule More Frequent Washes if You Live on a Dirt Road

If you live on a gravel or dirt road, you know how filthy your car can get by constantly driving on these rugged surfaces. Your house and roof will also accumulate their fair share of dust, especially on windy days where the dust can travel even further in the air. Contact Royal Roofscapes to schedule a regular roof soft wash in Kansas City every few months. You may even want to schedule a monthly soft wash, depending on how dirty your roof tends to get.

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

If Your Home is Surrounded by Trees

We love trees because they improve air quality and give us much-needed shade in the summer, but they do come with some drawbacks. If trees are located too close to a home, they can cause sap to accumulate on the roof, which will need to be cleaned. Many homeowners might think that roof power washing in Kansas City is the way to remove sap, twigs, and leaves. Here at Royal Roofscapes, we do not recommend power washing your roof. A soft wash is a much more thorough clean that poses a far less risk of roof damage.

Big Storms Can Result in a Dirty Roof

Here in the Kansas City area, we are no strangers to heavy storms. Severe weather is something we must constantly be aware of, thanks to our hot and humid weather conditions in the spring and summer. Massive storms can stir up large dust clouds that find their way to your roof. Severe storms can also blow debris, twigs, and leaves onto your roof.

One of the most effective ways to safely remove all these items is to hire a trustworthy roof soft wash company in Kansas City, like Royal Roofscapes. Our team can get your roof back to its original condition, and you won’t even know the storm ever passed through.

Roof Soft Wash in Kansas City

If your roof needs a safe and thorough cleaning, don’t try to take on this task yourself. Reach out to our professionals at Royal Roofscapes. We are one of the top metal, tile, flat, and shingle roof cleaning companies in Kansas City. Let us show you how much better your home can look by scheduling a roof soft wash today.

Give us a call at (913) 730-7663 or send an email to info@royalroofscapes.com, and we will follow up with you soon.